UD Trucks Telematics Services

UD Trucks Telematics

UD Telematics Services integrates four key features designed to support your trucking business, these are:

  1. Truck Tracking and Tracing
  2. Fuel Utilization
  3. Fuel Loss Alert
  4. Proactive Support


To maximize the profitability of your business, you need to be able to manage your fleet effectively, keeping them on the road for longer while reducing on-going costs.  UD Telematics Services is a high-tech wireless communications system designed to help you do just that. 

It will help to improve your profitability by increasing vehicle uptime and enabling better fuel efficiency; while reducing unplanned stops and operational costs.


UD Trucks Telematics Service

  • Benefits of UD Telematics Services include:

    1. Enhances the control of your business
    2. Provides essential fuel optimization
    3. Helps manage fleet uptime


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