Make the most out of your UD Truck fleet with optimized total cost of ownership
By UD Trucks Southern Africa

Monday, 21st September 2020

Our customers’ success is at the centre of everything that we do. And with that comes the responsibility for your business’ profitability. We have developed products and services to make it as easy as possible to stay ahead of the game to ensure you get the most out of your fleet with an optimized total cost of ownership. The variable factors that affect the TCO are fuel consumption, driver performance, and maintenance fees. And this is where the New Quon makes a difference.

Lower operating costs with ESCOT

ESCOT automated manual transmission (AMT) and the GH11E engine are winning formulas for increased fuel efficiency. Automated gear shifting makes trucks equipped with ESCOT easier to drive and more fuel-efficient even for new drivers.

Increased profitability with UD Telematics Services

UD Telematics helps manage your fleet towards greater productivity by keeping it on the road longer while reducing running costs. UD Telematics mobile app makes 24/7 fleet management even more convenient.

Ensured uptime with consistent AdBlue supply & diverse network and maintenance services

From quality parts to unbeatable service; from flexible agreements to wide network coverage; we promise to go the extra mile that will give you peace of mind that your fleet is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

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