In celebration of Women’s month in South Africa
By UD Trucks Southern Africa

Monday, 21st September 2020

In celebration of Women’s month in South Africa, an insight into Luleka Sidukwana’s life at UD Trucks.
Luleka Sidukwana started working permanently at UD Trucks on the 1st July 2016 after 2 years as a casual worker on a month to month basis. Despite her disability of being 80% deaf and dumb, she showed interest in the activities in the workshop. She started observing and assisting the technicians with tasks like passing on tools etc. The team decided to start showing her some of the hand skills required for an RSA (Repair Service Assistant) which then led her to assisting in the workshop with various tasks such as greasing the vehicle and even assisted the technicians with the removal and installation of wheels from the vehicles.
On the 21st August 2020 Luleka Sidukwana received her first UD Trucks certificate for successfully completing Grease Bay Procedure on UD Trucks Vehicles. 35 year old Luleka, is a single mother with 3 children, Inam 12 year old, Yondisa 11 years old and Lelethu 4 months old.
“I started working as a casual, standing in for the tea girl at that stage and I’ve now been working for the company now for about 6 years altogether. I enjoy everything that I do at UD Trucks. Everyone at UD Trucks trained and mentored me”, said Luleka. “The advice I have for people looking for similar jobs is to stand up, take up the challenge and not look down on themselves”, she added.
“This staff member is irreplaceable in my mind”, says Frans Liebenberg, the Aftersales Manager at UD Trucks.
This is yet another great success story from the Dealer network, showing how valuable our people are and how investing in our people reaps the rewards for everyone involved.

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